School Transport & Bus Rules

The bus service provided by the school is a facility. The routes and stops are arranged after a careful ground survey and the facility will be provided wherever possible. Although we try to provide a good service and adhere to the timings, it is not feasible to meet all requirements. The school provides transport facilities on selected routes. The bus fee is payable along with the tuition fee as per the payment schedule.


  1. The school transport fee is to be paid in advance for every quarter.
  1. In case an existing user of the bus facility wants to change to another route, the same would be done subject to availability of a seat in the corresponding bus route. The request for this should be made one month prior to the proposed date of change.
  1. The students using the school transport will not be allowed to go home with parents in the afternoon, without permission of the school authorities.
  1. If a child is picked up from the school, a gate pass must be obtained one hour before the departure time and the bus incharge/supervisor should be informed.
  1. In case of any difficulty, please discuss the same with the teacher incharge and the supervisor.
  1. The students using school transport facility should be present at the pick-up point five minutes before the scheduled time.
  1. The students should travel in their allotted bus routes. No student will be allowed to travel in any other bus or accompany his/her friends to their homes after the school hours.
  1. The parents/guardians must be punctual in meeting the child at the bus stop on return.
  1. No student should stand at the footboard of the entry/exit door while the bus is in motion.
  1. Students should occupy vacant seats immediately after boarding the bus and avoid standing.
  1. The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stops only. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of commuters.
  1. When the bus is in motion, the students must not move around in the bus and no part of their body should be out of the bus.
  1. The students will be held responsible for any damage caused to the buses due to their negligence or indiscipline.
  1. Discarding trash or food either inside or outside the bus is not permitted.
  1. The bus users are not allowed to change their bus routes under any circumstances.
  1. The students who travel by the school bus should observe discipline. Any misbehavior that distracts the driver is a serious violation. The pupils are required:
  • To remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Not to throw objects in and out of the bus.
  • To use decent language in the bus with fellow pupils and the bus staff.
  • Not to damage seats, curtains or harm any other pupil.
  • To obey the driver’s/conductors’ instructions in this regard.

If any student/child is found guilty of misbehaviour, the bus facility will be withdrawn with immediate effect.