Early years are the foundation years for young learners. It is at this stage that the brain and the body experiences unfathomable developments and hence requires appropriate guidance.

            Sanatan School has designed its curriculum for early years in such a way that it focuses on the development of physical, emotional and social domains of a learner. Through play learners are introduced to numbers and languages through inquiry and experiential learning. The other disciplines are Units of Inquiry, Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Computer and P.E.

            Our mentors are not just teachers. they are facilitators, friends, and observers. Their objective is to make the learners feel comfortable to express their thoughts and ideas and light their paths to their inquiry.


The Primary Years Programme (PYP) at Santan High School is a perfect fusion of curricular and co-curricular activities. It conjures an environment which permits young learners to becomes open minded and responsible global citizens. The programme facilities intimate learning strategies for all its learners and mentors. It also caters inclusive learning, wherein it considers: every learner a special child and hence offers intrinsic experiences to accommodates the student’s needs.

            Activities such as visual arts, performing arts, sports and ICT allow the students to explore their hidden talents and develop social, thinking, communication and research skils. The Primary YerasProgramme is a transcendental experience for entire school community. It makes the school an open ground of knowledge and pragmatic learning experience.


At the onset of adolescence, SHS enables students to have a firm footing in the permanently changing phases of society. The middle school provide a study of Languages, Science, Mathematics, Computers, Art and Craft, Dance and Sports making every student versatile in all spheres of life. The middle school education is based on C.B.S.E. guidelines to equip the student for a holistic approach to education that covers scholastic areas, co- scholastic areas like public speaking, life skills, work education, visual arts, performing arts, attitudes and values and co-curricular areas with health and physical education.

            We cater to the needs of students of secondary school as per the guidelines of the Central Board of Secondary Education Our educational programme is designed to enhance the skills acquired in the primary and middle school. Special care is taken to empower students to discover and nurture their special talents and passions. The secondary school curriculum synergised seamlessly with public speaking, social, cultural and sporting activities providing an ambient learning environment.

            Professionals from various fields counsel our student and offer guidelines and provide a stimulus for successful careers.


The threshold of life, senior secondary education prepares the child for the career options he or she is supposed to take. While focus is on specialized learning of the subjects opted for, enough attention is given to the finishing education of the adolescent children ready to enter their life.

            Students of senior secondary are prepared for the All India Secondary School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school offers three main streams i.e., Science, Commerce and Humanities.

Subject Combination (for Class XI)

Group I

1              English

2              Physics

3              Chemistry

4              Maths

5              Physical Education

Group II

1              English

2              Physics

3              Chemistry

4              Biology

5              Physical Education

Group III

1              English

2              Business Studies

3              Accountancy

4              Maths /Physical Education

5              Economics