For Students

A discipline committee will monitor the local implementation of the school rule policy and will report to the Principal on monthly basis.


We at SHS do not believe in giving punishment to the children, however in case of gross misbehavior or breaching of school’s code of conduct, if punishment is given, it will be in the form of imposing sanctions and curtailing a student’s privileges which they enjoy in the school. We will always ensure that through such measures the students realize their mistake and correct their behaviour.



In case of minor breaching of the school’s disciplinary rules a student is sent to the introspection room where he/she is required to maintain silence, meditate and ponder upon his/her action with the purpose of correcting his/her behaviour and mistake.


Any kind of emotional or behavioural problem or problems related to career guidance may be discussed at large in an informal and conducive atmosphere. The trained and qualified school faculty will counsel the children and help them overcome their problems.


In case of repetitive misbehaviour and extreme breach of school’s code of conduct by a student, parents will be called to the school for a meeting, with the purpose of correcting the student’s behaviour, through parental action and support.


  • All children are expected to attend school on the opening day after every vacation/break. Those absent due to any sickness must bring/submit a medical certificate before they join the class.
  • It is compulsory for the students to have minimum of 75% attendance in the academic year to make them eligible to appear for the final examination.
  • In case leave is required for a day, the class teacher may be informed through the Almanac.
  • For longer leave, an application needs to be sent to the class teacher and the Head of school should be informed telephonically. A leave application for long leave may also be sent by mail in case of sickness/ travelling. Such applications should be sent along with supporting documents.
  • Parents should fill up the “Record for Non- Attendance” for each day the student is absent from school, stating reasons.
  • A student who has been absent on the previous day will not be admitted to the class without a note in the Almanac/letter from the parent addressed to the class teacher, stating the reason for the absence.
  • Leave for going out of station should be approved, prior to proceeding on leave. Duty leave will be sanctioned to only those students who represent the school while playing a tournament, or participate in any other events. Any student, not representing the school, will have no such claim.
  • A child returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a fitness certificate from a doctor.
  • Students suffering from any one of the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before joining the class.

(a) Chicken Pox                                  Till complete falling of scabs

(b) Cholera                                          Till the child is completely well

(c) Measles                                          Two weeks after the rash disappears.

(d) Mumps                                          Until the swelling has disappeared.

(e) Whooping cough                           Six weeks

(f) Jaundice –                                       Six weeks