“A Storehouse of knowledge…”

To cater to the insatiable curiosity of the young minds, a well-equipped library finds a place in the primary block, housing books of various interests related to science, arts, environment, literature, general knowledge and the like. Apart from the reference work that the students often indulge in, they gladly await the days on which they visit this temple of knowledge just to ease themselves by reading the wonderful collections laid open before them.

Assembly Hall

A stage par excellence inviting the budding artists to exhibit their talent in a well-defined auditorium with a capacity of accommodating approximately more than 1000 students, find its place on the ground floor of the Activity block. Equipped with an effective light and sound system, it is a treat to witness the cultural filigree sitting in the auditorium.

Reception Lobby

A place to welcome everyone, equipped with four contact number, two intercom number and a computer to run school software with wi-fi connectivity.

Principal Office

A well maintained space to provide appropriate decorum for the working of the Principal. A customised official room with wi-fi connectivity, to provide easy access to students’ records, and television, to display of all cameras in the school campus.

Management Office

A well maintained space to have meetings with the management. A customised official room with wi-fi connectivity, to provide easy access to students’ records, and television, to display of all cameras in the school campus.

Account Office

A well maintained, single window accounts office for fee deposition. Two technical persons are appointed to accomplish all the tasks related to accounts. This office is equipped with 3 computer system connected to the school’s network through wi-fi.

Academic Block

Class Rooms

School building comprises of 30 class rooms, with proper light, space and ventilation, spread over two wings i.e. Left Wing and Right Wing. Each wing has 15 rooms. Size of each room is 20 x 30.


“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.”

The ever questioning minds of the children are not satisfied by just propounding theory. Theory complemented with practical experiment and inference forms the best mode of education. The Labs, well equipped and built with the purpose of resolving the problems, enable the students to reach their inferences, thus helping them in their learning process.


The spacious and bright Physics lab is the favourite haunt for all the Newton’s in the making, where they experiment and come out with new inferences. The area covered by the Physics lab is around 1200 Sq. feet.


A well-equipped chemistry lab of dimension 1200 sq. feet, operational with test-tubes, and other common chemical apparatus find many aspiring scientists engrossed in experimentation. Apart from these, the lab is modernized with a fume chamber and balances.


A very interesting corner of learning, where unfolds the greatest mysteries of life. It is here that each oung learner watches with wonder the first signs of life under the microscope. A lab of 1200 sq. feet ith ultra-modern model are available to satisfy the quest of the students.

Computer Lab

The school houses modern computer labs with a substantial number of computers equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the students keep abreast with the fast changing IT scenario. The application of IT in the educational sector has expanded the walls of the classrooms and created limitless opportunities for learning and growth through the web based technology.

Activity Block

Activity Room

In order to give expression to the child’s creativity, a well-equipped activity room exists in the school where the primary students give vent to their wild imaginations with the help of the many props placed within the room. To enhance the child’s creativity is the main aim of DPS Jodhpur; stressing on the all-round development of a child.

Art Room

For the young talented Picassos of the school, the Art Room finds a place in the block on the ground floor. Filled with the vibrant and colourful paintings and artefacts, the Art room speaks of the innocence and energy of the kid artists.

Music Room

Music is the rhythm of life, which speaks the language of the soul. It knows no boundaries and can touch the strings of every human heart. Well equipped with musical instruments, this room provides a place of peace and harmony.

Dance Room

Dance is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful form of expression, because it is full of vigour and enthusiasm. This room gives vent to the inner most feeling of the budding artists and they satiate their thirst for expression.

Play Ground

We believe in the propagation of the all-round development of a child. With our vast sprawling green play-ground, the students get an exposure to play to their optimal limits for the physical exercise which is a must as ‘Sound mind dwells in a Sound body’.

The school owns a lovely green carpeted cricket field and football ground

Sanitation Block

Drinking Water

“Purity of drinking water is essential for good health.” So, the Drinking water system of the school comprises of RO unit to purify the water and a unit of VOLTAS refrigerator to provide cool and safe water to the students and staff.


We have 6 washrooms for girls and 6 washrooms for boys with all facilities which are expected in a modern washroom.

Drip Irrigation System

We, as a school, understand the need of the hour. Hence, we implemented the concept of Rain Water Harvesting all over the school building. It gives us around 10000 gallons of water in a year.